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What We Do:

Audio Recording On-Location and in the Studio; Broadcast Production; Mixing; Mastering; Duplication; Audio Archiving and Restoration; Post-Production Tuning; Noise Removal and Reduction; Promotional Videos; Crowd Funding Campaigns; Sound Design;  System Design;  Media Consulting.

Centrally located in St. Louis Missouri!

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Latest Pan Galactic News
27 Opera Theatre of Saint Louis



Ricky Ian Gordon's new opera "27", commisioned by Opera Theatre of Saint Louis has moved on to the mastering phase.  "27",  a reflection of the life of writer Gertrude Stein and the colorful characters that in habited her life was tracked June of 2014.   Coming late to the production process, the engineers had to overcome some techincal challenges, as costuming, set design, lighting and projection was allready set.    "We had to use ground mics around the thrust stage to capture the action." said recording engineer Paul Hennerich.  "We hope we have capture the feeling of the lorretto Hilton Stage.   The Lorretto Hilton isn't the Met, or the Lyric or even Saint Louis's Powell Hall, its is its own very unique space for opera. We wanted to capture that intemacy of seeing a production here with our recording."

Producer Peter Henderson and Hennerich worked closely with Gordon sending revisions and updates back and forth through out the fall to craft the final product.    


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