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Location Recording:

This is what the Pan Galactic Company was originally founded to do. Our forte are large scale music projects. Orchestras, Jazz Bands, Choirs, Opera and such. Large ensembles in large places. We have the expertise, and the equipment to get the studio qualityJazz at the Bistro sound on location. We have found that any size group can benefit from the energy of a location recording. If you have a blues band, country act, or jazz group How many shows do you have on your iPod that have amazing performances? Typically you get a more musical emotion performance when you interact with your audience. The main reasons for going to the studio is do get a high quality audio recording and the ease of over-dubbing and editing.Powell Hall in Saint Louis Location Recordings can sound better than the studio with proper planning and execution. 


The Pan Galactic Company has been producing high quality location recordings since 1995, We take pride in our professionalism, and how we interact with the local crew, from the front of house live sound engineer to the maintenance engineer. We capture the performance. We have done over nine hundred location recordings, for major release, downloads, web-streams/casts, and live or edited broadcast for local stations and national radio network. We are centrally located in St. Louis, but travel nationally.  We have gear and will travel. 





Our Mastering  Philosophy

The "Loudness Wars" rage on and we are on the front lines of the battle.  Loud can seem "better" on first listen, but why destroy the audio you have worked so hard to create. “How loud do you want it?” is a legitimate question. How good can it sound should be another.  Loud does not always equals good.   LOUD CD is a relative term. The question to ask is loud as compared to what?  What do you lose to make your CD loud? 

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